“We make every person more employable.”

Are you a fresh graduate, or a student? Are you looking for a new career,
or if you are mum wishing to return back to work?

We welcome all to join our e-Work Experience Programme

This programme is led and driven by you – not us.
We simply provide the tools and platform to help you get where you want.

Joining our platform we can help you in the following areas

Business Development

Developing Business Strategies, Research, Communications, Marketing Campaigns, Workshops, Business Support, Creating Revenue Streams, Stakeholder Management, Networking, Bid Writing, Writing for e-Business Development magazine.


Recruitment, Interviewing, Training, Personal Development, Job Description activities simulation, HR Policies, Networking, Research, Writing for e-HR Magazine.


Business & Financial Forecasting, Strategy, Budgeting, Cost Reduction, Business Transformation, Research, Networking, Writing for e-finance magazine, Interviewing.


Contracts, SLA’s,  Admin, Research, Working on funding and Bidding projects, Networking, Writing for e-Legal Magazine.

Editorial/ Social Media

Coordinating magazine activities, Writing content, Proof reading, Researching, Interviewing, Networking. Social Media includes Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Blogs etc.

Graphics Design

Working on Magazines, Brochures, Posters, Business Cards, Photography, Website Designs, Working on e-Graphics Design Magazine, Interviewing.

Project Management

Project plans, Reviews, Planning, Monitoring, Progressing, Delivery, Budgeting, Researching, Writing for e-Project Management Magazine.

IT/ Web Development

Operational, hardware, software, testing, networks, security, big data, data-analytics, software development, design, content management systems. Writing for e-IT Today magazine, Interviewing.

Coming soon





Support goes hand by hand with Confidence

At the moment Amnick is looking for opportunities to cooperate with recruitment companies in order to offer employment support to the candidates who have completed successfully the 3 Months Work Experience Programme

Support We are Looking to Offer

Self assessment

Assessing what type of employment you want, identifying key skills.

Job matching

Supporting with job search/applications and targeting specific employers to get you paid employment.

In work support

One month support – catch up once a week, after candidate has gone into work.


You will have the opportunity to gain experience in the following areas


Amnick already provides a range of basic activities based around your chosen area.
However we recognise everyone’s individual goals are different, so in order for you to get the most out of the program, we encourage you to come with your own ideas and aims, and we will work with you to help you realise them.


With our support, you will work with your team to learn and develop commercial skills. Opportunities include creating promotional material using social media platforms, creating websites, developing marketing strategies for your team, etc.. These are just some examples and you have the opportunity to translate your ideas into real practice.


You may have a passion for a subject, or great research skills, which you can use to write articles for one of the E-Magazines.
You can also interview high profile people in your industry – this will also help establish worthwhile contacts.
All approved articles and interviews will be adapted by the Graphics Design team from this programme and will be published on our website.


We also encourage you to attend industry events:
– This will give you the opportunity to learn about the latest news about your sector.
– An easy way to find and meet potential interview candidates.
– First hand experience of your industry, and an opportunity to make valuable contacts.

You can attend these events by yourself, or as part of a wider team experience.

How does this programme work?

This programme is customised to your career ambitions
Using the latest technology


All you need is a computer and an internet connection and you can join us from anywhere in the world.

Flexible availability dictated by you


You are the one who decide how many hours you would like to dedicate to this programme and when you are available.
The only commitments you need to make are:
– to work to agreed deadlines,
– attend the weekly team meetings (which are decided by your team, based on everyone’s availability).

Access the desired experience directly from your home


There is no need for you to spend time and money on travel.  The whole program can be accessed online from wherever you are located.

Get your experience in a real environment


We also offer the valuable opportunity to gain work experience in a real work environment.


You can join regardless of previous work experience, age, or location


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