“Developing the next generation of Public Services, using Smart Cities as a vehicle for social change.”

Amnick is a collection of senior ex-local authority staff, as well a consortium of local authority and private sector-partnering organisations, all working together to make great things happen, create better outcomes, and deliver better quality of life.

  • We are delivering 12 workshops on our 3 year journey learning about Smart Cities,
  • We creating 12 Strategic Boards to support these workshops to deliver better outcomes,
  • We are creating Working Groups to support innovation into Smart Cities projects by involving users with policy makers,
  • We are writing a Journey Book with 12 chapters – one for each workshop.


Is to design the next generation of public services, that are more integrated, dynamic, sustainable, environmentally focused, future proofed using Smart Cities concepts and technologies as drivers in delivering better outcomes for all.

We are doing this by working across 4 distinct groups: Public/Private/3rd and Education sectors.

In short we will always work towards making bad things good, and good things better.


• Smart Cities projects across all key local authority sectors including: Housing, Transportation, Environment, Education, Health, City Vibrancy;
• Digital Transformation – making technology do more;
• Projects and programmes;
• Management Consultancy/Strategy;
• Social change – working communities/people improving lives.

Happiness in the joy of achievement
  • Successful delivery and support of a range of projects and programmes to the value of £350m (including Highways, Transportation, Technology and IT, People, Processes and Procurement).
  • Delivery and support of a range of Corporate Business Transformation programmes.
  • Delivery of training programmes to staff and communities of local authorities.
  • Setting up of Think Tank with Government bodies to support economic development.
  • Creation of 971 new jobs.
  • Creation of Share & Support Campaign leading to Government backing and 30 out of 33 London Boroughs taking part.
  • Setting up Community Hub in Harrow for social projects.
  • Setting up of round table discussions between industry, local authorities, and the education sector.
  • Delivery of two large conferences on Change/Business Transformation, involving 50 local authorities and private sector organisations.
Jobs created
London boroughs backing
Business transformation in local authorities
Project delivery value