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To ensure we pursue the best path to achieve the best outcomes for our Smart Cities Agenda we have created an innovative series of Strategic Boards for each of our 10 areas of exploration.

These comprises of a mix of senior executives from arrange of diverse industries including: public, private sector as well as education establishments,and 3rd sector – all geared to making Smart City objectives happen more effectively.

The aim

The aim of each Board is to provide governance, advice and help to in obtaining even wider outcomes – particularly from viewpoints of:

  • Users,
  • Change of Behavior,
  • Environmental factors,
  • Sustainability factors,
  • Future proofing,
  • Integration of technology
  • People.

The Benefits

• Learning and sharing of your knowledge with other senior professionals across a mix of sectors.

• Professional personal development. Working on exciting new cutting edge projects.

• Bringing out positive impression of your organisation.

• Increasing your networking capacity.

Join us

Membership will be limited to 12 per Board and a Chair who will also sit on the Executive Board.

Membership to the Board will be for 1 year only, and also for the Chair.

How do we work?

Membership to the Strategic Board is by invitation on a non-executive basis and is non paid position.

We will work around your current commitments and availability.

Your involvement will be completely flexible, and you can interact with us in person, or by (Skype, Emails, etc.) at times that work conveniently for you.

We will be arranging meetings in London, and through Skype and Webinars to make engagement more easier and more convenient. Amnick invites those with senior management experience to put themselves forward.

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To join our Strategic Board.


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