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A safe pair of hands in a changing world

We are in an age where businesses cannot afford to stand still.

With the impact of the recent recession and cutbacks, trying to do more for less has led to a complete review of how we operate our business models in both the public and private sector.


At Amnick, we continue to pioneer the next level of savings, performance, efficiencies and integration.

We have experience of working on major Business Transformation programmes across a range of local authorities, with budgets ranging from £2 million – £2 billion. Our input has resulted in creating savings on average of 20% across base budgets.

Simply put, using us could result in a 20% saving on your expenditure, this year and every year.


We lead change by supporting and not just doing

To keep moving in a dynamic business environment requires a constant element of change.

With the constant need to review budgets, operations, efficiencies, supply chains and value, we need to ensure our organisations are always operating at the optimum level.


To remain at this peak requires moving from one state to another regularly and this in turn causes disruption, stress, and possible hurt to an organisation.
We fully recognise this and the change programmes that we develop and implement are sympathetic to the human element. We involve, share, and support rather than just do.


Expanding opportunities to deliver better results and benefits

The ultimate goal of a project or programme is to realise outcomes and benefits of strategic relevance.

To gain real benefits when investing in projects and programmes, it is necessary to delivery on time and on budget.


The assurance things will get done in a controlled environment – with all the robustness and governance that will allow for smooth delivery – is essential, as is the integration and service transitioning into a Business as Usual environment


Collaboration in practice in UK and Worldwide

With our excellent relationship with the UK Government, local government departments, and also the private sector, we are really well placed to work with partners in UK and abroad on a range of models to bring success.


We are continuing to create powerful consortiums, where through our leverage of Social Enterprise, we wish to work with likeminded organisations to create value, innovation, change, fairness, and also help develop people and communities.

We are different

We are a collection of ex-local authority Directors and senior managers,
who have joined up together to help both the public and private sector with:
projects, programmes, interim management of departments and services.

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International Governments

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