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Smart Cities/ Technologies/ Business and Digital Transformation

All Masterclasses are provided online, LIVE via videoconferencing or from our offices in central London.

Our Masterclass courses are short quick introductory courses delivered by industry experts.
These are designed to fast track your knowledge in these areas so you can apply these immediately to your organisation, or authority.


This master class will be a mix of learning, advice, interactive workshops, industry experts, live job interviews and opportunity to gain one month experience in range of areas with our 6 start-ups.

Suitable for: Unemployed? Changing careers? Mums’ returning back to work? Graduates seeking work experience?

Benefits of attending: Gaining insight from hiring managers, CEO of Amnick, doing or observing 2 live job interviews, group work to improve your weaknesses, and getting instance access to 1 month work placement in our 6 new start ups – all details below.

£99 discounted as follows.

This event is £5 throughout for those unemployed and claiming Universal Credit – upon proof (please send it to

Early bird prices – £15 till 21st April

Stage 2 – £30 from 22nd April – 15th May

Stage 3 – £45 – 16th May – 30th May

Stage 4 – £99 – 31st May – 5th June

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Today’s unpredictable and competitive business environment needs real-time information to make timely decisions by enterprises. This is achieved by integrating all systems, applications, processes, and information, normally referred as Enterprise Systems Integration (ESI), to enhance interoperability across the organisational structure, enabling them to provide cheaper, quicker, and high quality services.

Suitable for: Anyone, who would like to know more about systems integration and ERP, especially business analysts, consultants, and advisors; managers, directors, and employees of companies and organisations, which are being grown, and planning to expand their business, entrepreneurs, and so forth.

Benefits of attending: After the two-hour course, audiences will be able to:

1) Understand the situation of an unintegrated organisation and the challenges;
2) Understand the necessity of Enterprise Systems Integration (ESI);
3) Answer the following questions:
a. “Why ERP?”
b. Why Business Process Change (BPC)?
c. What are the requirements of systems integration?
4) Market situation of the ERP software packages;
5) Evaluate the market, main trends, opportunities and challenges of ERP implementation;
6) Help companies make the right decision to change towards an efficient and effective growth.


Early bird price – £45 per ticket till 31st April 2021 then £72 from 1st May 2021

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Our Masterclass courses - Coming soon

Smart Cities

Strategy, Road Map, Stakeholders, Joining plans, Gaining buy in

Business and Digital Transformation

People, Processes, Procurement, Technologies – getting the business architecture right


Outline of key technologies (broad overview), strategic use of Tech, issues, risks, benefits, get it right first time