Smart Cities start with Smart Thinking

We focus on improving lives of people by developing the next generation of public services (Education, Health, Housing, Transport, Environment, Adult/Children etc) at lower costs, using technology, partnerships between Public/Private/3rd sector/Education establishments.

Our Approach

Applying innovative approach

We are improving UK Government’s business model for future delivery services.

We are adding our mix of Social Enterprise ethos and Shared Society values. We are seeking more involvement from users and communities and those charged with delivery of these services, combined with examples of best practice in each sector from across the world.

Smart Cities Journey

Our 3 year journey into Smart Cities – 12 workshops

With our partnering universities we are setting out on a 3 year journey by creating and delivering 12 workshops in a range of sectors (details on our website).

To each workshop we will be inviting a range of attendee’s: Minister’s, MP’s, Councillors, local authorities, 3rd Sector, users of services (homeless, single parents, mum’s, pensioners, young people etc).

Smart Cities Outcomes

Our Workshops

strategic board

Working Group


Market Place – BUY & SELL

Areas of Workshops

Generic Information for all workshops

The aims of each workshop will be to define a scope that looks at the main 3 areas of issue in that sector.
Then we will hold sub-workshops with stakeholders of that sector to bring in the details and solutions proposed – along with the users.
This information will be brought to the main workshops and scrutinised for best way forward. And then passed to the Working Group/s to develop into outline Business Cases. These will be carried forward for funding from appropriate bodies.
Each workshop will be converted into a chapter of book, and this book will contain 12 chapters defining the best practice guide to next generation of public services.

1. Housing


3. Transportation











We are aiming to harmonise industries understanding of:

– What the term Smart City really means within each sector?
– What are the key issues?
– And what are the organic solutions at a local level, nationally and across the world?


We will be inviting people at all levels to contribute and join this journey, either by workshop or by our online portal.
Those invited will include:

users of corresponding services – including mum’s,
young and retired,
– those running the services (local authorities, private sector, 3rd sector),
– those responsible with research, policy makers, senior govt officials – (Ministers, MP’s, CEO’s, Directors etc.),
International VIPS, Government officials will also be invited to partake via Skype for the workshops.

We work different

To ensure we pursue the best path to achieve the best outcomes for our Smart Cities Agenda we have created an innovative series of Strategic Boards for each of our 12 areas of exploration.

These comprises of a mix of senior executives from a range of diverse industries including: public, private sector as well as education establishments,and 3rd sector – all geared to making Smart City objectives happen more effectively.

Strategic Boards


The purpose of this Strategic Board is to:

  • Provide Governance to each service sector
  • Undertake critical evaluations of Smart City projects
  • Create wider outcomes/integration/future proofing to projects
  • Ensure Environmental and Sustainability are top priorities
  • Making sure no one gets left behind

People's Strategic Board

Allows ordinary people and users of public services – Mums, old, young, unemployed, disabled, single parent families all to join in and have their say about: Housing, Health, Education, Transportation, Environment etc.

We use their ideas/suggestions and innovation via our formal Strategic Board to help create next generation of public services that improve the quality of life.


The aim of each Board is to provide governance, advice and help to in obtaining even wider outcomes – particularly from viewpoints of:

– Users,

– Change of Behavior,

– Environmental factors,

– Sustainability factors,

– Future proofing,

– Integration of technology

– People.


Formal Board – Membership to the Strategic Board is by invitation on a non-executive basis and is non paid position. We will work around your current commitments and availability.

Your involvement will be completely flexible, and you can interact with us in person, or by (Skype, Emails, etc.) at times that work conveniently for you.

We will be arranging meetings in London, and through Skype and Webinars to make engagement more easier and more convenient. Amnick invites those with senior management experience to put themselves forward.

Informal Board – People’s Strategic Board open to all via our website, emails, What’s app groups, Skype, events, workshop’s, special pilot projects. Those wishing to engage need to note this is NOT paid activity. If you engage you are doing so voluntarily and in spirit of collaboration.


• Learning and sharing of your knowledge with other senior professionals across a mix of sectors.

• Professional personal development. Working on exciting new cutting edge projects.

• Bringing out positive impression of your organisation.

• Increasing your networking capacity.


Membership will be limited to 12 per Board and a Chair who will also sit on the Executive Board.

Membership to the Board will be for 1 year only.

For more information please email –

Collaborative working has huge benefits for all involved.
Together we achieve more.

By being part of our working group you and your organisation can engage in a diverse range of Smart Cities Projects and Programmes from Transportation, Housing, Adult and Social Care, Health and Environment, etc.

Here we take the outputs from workshops, create new innovative pilot projects where users (ordinary people – mum’s, disabled, old, young, everyone) can work in small groups to create better solutions.

This means, users can work alongside CEO’s, Politicians, Tech Companies, public/private/3rd/education sectors to solve common problems……TOGETHER


The aim of our working group is to take high level ideas that have been approved by our Strategic Board, to develop these ideas further into working documents and business cases, with a view of then going forward to seek funding from appropriate bodies and organisations.

WHO is involved?

This group is a mix of collaborative working between a range of sectors, from:

  • local authorities,
  • private sector,
  • 3rd sector,
  • Universities and Colleges from the UK and across the world.


The opportunities will also exist for individuals, groups and teams to participate on our projects and programmes.

  • Working with diverse range of industries.
  • Working on new projects that you and your organisation can benefit from.
  • Attraction of national media focus on the projects we will be working on together.
  • Shared learning experience with other organisations.
  • Personal development.
  • Increasing your networking capacity.



Ordinary people, Mums, Peopel with special needs, Retired, Graduates, Consultants

Public Sector

Local authorities, Central government, NHS, Police

Private Sector

Corporate, SME’s, Local businesses


Schools, Colleges, Universities, Research Centres


For more information please email –

The Purpose

Of our Journey Book will be to create the next generation of public services (Housing, Transportation, Health, Environment, Education etc) that are created holistically in partnership with public/private/3rd sector and technologies. These are built on the premise of delivering more sustainable, environmentally friendly, fully integrated/future proofed and lower cost solutions.

3 Year Journey

From our journey over 3 years, we will be adding a new chapter from each workshop undertaken.

As such, the topic areas selected for exploration via the workshops are mirrored largely upon the services provided by local governments, municipal organisations, public/private sector across the world.

Commercial Opportunities

Welcome to the Smart Cities Market Place

This is where we facilitate trading of your goods and services. This can be skills, knowledge, technologies, solutions, best practice etc.

Just let us know what you would like to promote, and we will bring this to the attention of our contacts, via our magazines, events, personal contacts, promotions etc.


Find your solutions

We can promote, market and sell your services to range of our partners within the UK, Europe and worldwide. We have a specially dedicated team all focused in delivering procurement solutions to governments, authorities and organisations.


This stream works both ways. If you want to buy or sell services for or from your organisation, please do get in touch.

Areas we are interested to trade in are:

  • Commercialised public services (Education, Housing, Transportation, Environment, Adult and Children services) from local authorities (Municipal Authorities)
  • Project Management
  • Technologies
  • Best Practice
  • Operations
  • Strategy
  • Consultancy


Smart Cities knowledge /information

If you are considering doing a new Smart Cities project or have done one recently. Talk to us. We are creating a new win win scenario for you.


Sell – your Smart Cities knowledge

If you have successfully implemented a Smart Cities project and would like to re-coup some costs for this. Let us know.

We take a licence from you and promote the sale of this to other cities/governments/organisation. As we work only of commission means no costs for you.

The benefits for you:

  • Recovery of costs (or maybe all – or even profit) of previous invested in such project
  • Employment for your team (if available and want to implement in another location)
  • Satisfaction of helping other cities/organisations


Buying – Smart Cities project blue prints

Doing any new project is always fraught with risk, learning, costs, time. Then comes the next wave of business as usual where further changes, improvements and adaptions need to be achieved.

Would it not be great if you can buy off the shelf solutions where the projects that you want to do have been done already? Consider the benefits:

  • Costs clearly identified as being final costs for the project
  • Time to deliver – again this is based upon actual and not forecast
  • Issues/Risks – all covered as from real experience
  • Savings – By covering the above 3 areas, offers tremendous savings in management of project costs


Why not get in touch and see how we can help


Our Team working for you

We have some of the most talented bid writers who are working with us. We are happy to share this resource with our partners and associates to bring extra funding and income.


Collectively, we have experience of bringing in millions of funding in whole range of areas including; Environment, Health, Transportation, Education, IT, Social Welfare Programmes etc. If you need extra income or funding or investment talk to us, we are a good place to start.

Smart Cities Agenda

We are designing a unique programme with our colleagues, which should appeal to forward thinking people and leaders, who wish to contribute to making our world a better place to live…


Only together we can design the next generation of services to meet these new demands with the new tools that are available, and we have to become ready for the next level of change.

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