"Building stronger communities and people"

We work on:


local authorities in creating and delivering new alternative services (instead of cutting them).
Examples include: Our Smart Cities Journey, Our Workshops, Our Working Group, Our Share and Support Campaign, round-table discussions, conferences, etc.


people facing redundancy/ unemployment and offering the free training and support so that they can get back on their feet quickly.

Examples include: CV reviews, training, mentoring, emotional support, encouragement, mock job interviews, etc.
Did you know we created 971 new jobs as part of the Future Jobs Fund programme.


social projects that utilise the resources of local communities (people, buildings, equipment) to deliver social change.
Examples include: Setting up job clubs, homework clubs for kids, reading classes, teaching IT to seniors, environmental projects, etc.


our work experience programme for graduates and the unemployed, helping to get them back into work.


Delivering social change through community programmes

Our business model is based upon the Social Enterprise ethos. We work with people, communities, and businesses, with the aim of bringing success to all.


At present, we are creating a range of Social Projects that will benefit a range of communities subject to funding:
– Transportation,
– Education,

–  Health,

– Obesity Prevention,
– Elderly & Disabled,
– Environment.

E-Work Experience Programme

We understand that when young people need to get into a work place environment, it is never an easy task.
Qualifications help, but sometimes they are only part of the pieces within the jobs market puzzle.
Employers are always reluctant to offer roles to those who do not hold experience, and without experience it is challenging to secure a job.


Here at Amnick, we offer a completely flexible e-work experience programme, that candidates do from their own space and in their own time (10 hours a week is recommended), all fully managed and quality-assured by us.

This programme is conducted online, and involves candidates working in groups, as well as in a live environment.
To date, more than 4,000 people in the UK and world-wide have taken part (with participating universities and colleges), and we have developed two main programmes:


Why not give something back?

Whilst Amnick’s speciality is management consultancy, we are also taking a huge step in creating an infrastructure to help young people.

With the recent period of high unemployment amongst 18-24 year old, the title of ‘forgotten generation’ afforded by the press is an uncomfortable one.


Whilst we continue to offer our time free to support Graduates and other unemployed people as part of our free 1 month and 3 month work experience programme, we are also looking for individuals and organisations to join up with us to help offer young people the opportunity to be mentored within the areas shown below (or you could propose your own expertise).

We are setting 3 levels of engagement: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Bronze – requires you to mentor one (or more) of our graduates/unemployed people for 3 x ½ sessions (by phone or Skype). This will be one and ½ hour session per month for 3 months.
Silver – same as Bronze, but extended for 6 sessions (one and ½ hour session per month for 6 months).
Gold – same as Silver but over 12 months.


How our free services can help

We are keen to talk to those who are being made redundant, as we offer free training, mentoring, encouragement, and marketing of your talents.


In addition, we might consider you to:

– Work as one of our consultants with local authorities and consultancy firms.
– Participate in social projects with local communities. (NB: This will not be paid, but will help to keep your skills sharp and give you the opportunity to put them to good use.)
– Mentor our graduates and unemployed people on our work experience programme (unfunded).
We know that becoming redundant can be demoralising and soul-destroying. But talk to us…we can always help to improve your situation.

Through our belief in
“making bad things good, and good things better”,
we are keen to create a win-win scenario for all.

We work with




Local Authorities

3rd Sector