Why did you join Amnick’s work experience programme?
I was looking for ways to help others, and to participate in meaningful projects. But as an undergraduate, there is stigma towards those theoretically “unqualified.” So I wasn’t particularly interested in being someone who ran about making the “coffee”; I was simply hungry to improve & develop my skills. At the time, I was studying a degree in Marketing at Kingston University- so I was searching for practical experiences to enhance my academic learning & to make a difference. Having spent the early years of my career in toxic environments, I was seeking a chance to rebuild my morale within an organization that’s passionate about providing purposeful experiences.

How did this experience help you develop professional/ personal skills? What did you like the most?
The reality is that as volunteers, it’s not pragmatic to disrupt the team cohesion by being overly demanding. So I learned a variety of skills including: management [e.g. coordinating project outcomes, setting deadlines], communication [e.g. volunteer welfare], & critical thinking [e.g.]. But most importantly, I recognised the value of investing time & energy into team members. Volunteers would give up their evenings & valuable space time to enhance their own career prospects- and so this is an aspect that I fully embody moving forward [no matter what organisation I am involved with]. In a society that is inundated with technology, I believe the most innovative concept we should embrace is to be more human.

Has this experience helped you to secure a job?
Amnick has enabled myself to become distinctive when applying for other roles [either paid or unpaid]. I have been able to demonstrate my own case studies & learning outcomes- as well as understanding the value of giving back [even as an unpaid volunteer]. By undergoing the programme, this has improved my confidence within my own ability to be able to secure employment. Beforehand, I would be overwhelmed going into an interview, and feeling inadequate because I felt that I lacked the extensive experience routinely expected of employers. Fast -forward to the present situation, I would definitely say that I felt fearless and less intimated being questioned in an interview.

Would you recommend this programme?
Oh absolutely- and I am not just offering positive feedback merely because I was asked too. I thoroughly enjoyed collaborating with John & Julia- who both embraced my enthusiasm and passion for growing Amnick. Even though I was relatively unproven at that stage of my career- I was provided an opportunity to contribute towards Amnick’s vision. And I can attribute a lot of my personal success and development from the guidance of John & his team. Even the mere fact of offering up my own time to volunteer was incredibly rewarding. So naturally, I would recommend Amnick- 1000%!