The Amnick work experience programme was the first internship experience I had. It was daunting at first, as I was new to the whole process of professionally working with other individuals, but my mentors were very supportive from day one. I joined the programme because I needed something flexible that I could do alongside my undergraduate studies.
I was initially in the Business Development team for about a year and then also joined the Editorial team for a few months until the end of my internship experience.
During my time with Amnick, I was able to improve my communication and interpersonal skills, as I had to relate with other colleagues and share ideas and experiences. I also developed professional skills such as time management and teamwork. What I enjoyed most about the internship was the ability to work in two totally different departments. As a Business Development intern, I learnt a lot about developing new and effective business ideas and as an Editorial intern, I was able to explore a creative writing side I never knew I had. This experience enabled me to gain the skills needed to secure other internships and work experience programmes, as I was still at the university at the time.
I would definitely recommend the programme due to its flexibility and the fact that the mentors were always very supportive, helpful, available to answer any questions you might have and also guide you in the right direction, while giving you the opportunity to explore your skills and contribute greatly to tasks and projects.