Q. Why did you join Amnick’s work experience program?
A. Amnick came as a referral and with that one of the best I ever had, I was engaged on the program part-time and fully remote from Africa, Nairobi. To me, this was a great opportunity to expand my horizons by engaging with developers from all over the globe and as a result, I got to network and create solid corporate connections that exist and are beneficial to date.

Q. Which team and how long?
I belonged to the application development team and I was with the team for one year.

Q.How did this experience help you develop professional/ personal skills?
A. Professionally, Amnick work experience program was an eye-opener on best practices in web application development, remote team coordination, remote application deployment, and delivery. We also utilized various tools for agile working and project management. On a personal level, I developed cross-cultural interpersonal skills which are highly beneficial whenever I engage with service providers and partners from around the globe at work,

Q.What did you like the most?
A. While at the program, three things stood out: first I appreciated the leadership structures in place and ease of communication with top management. The CEO is a hands-on person, highly available, and knowledgeable on an array of issues, this was highly beneficial especially when we needed oversight on the projects we were engaged in. Secondly, I really appreciated the team spirit that was inculcated by the program oversight, at that time, Julia, (Head of Business Development), the team was focused and highly sacrificed to not only complete our objectives but as well assist each other to learn and grow. Finally, I appreciated the flexibility with which we operated not only in terms of work time but cross-team interactions and coordination for the greater goal.

Q.Have this experience helped you to secure a job?
A. This experience has been a major milestone in assisting me to secure a number of jobs both locally and promising interviews in UK-based companies Adding a UK work experience to my resume is a great deal thanks to Amnick.

Q.Would you recommend this program?
A. I would highly recommend Amnick work experience program to anyone looking to secure a job in the UK or just add a global experience to their resume. Regardless of your professional level in the job market, the program provides you with an invaluable chance to learn much and impart knowledge.