After I had graduated from university, I was eager to gain some experience in graphic design. At that time I had only done some freelance work and wished to gain more experience and build my portfolio with the help of a professional team. I was fortunate to learn about the work experience programme at Amnick Social Enterprise through social media. I browsed their website to check the projects they have worked on and was amazed at the quality of the work that other candidates have produced and this is where I quickly reached out to them.
I received a quick reply later and was interviewed the following day. I was happy to know that I was accepted to be part of their graphic design team in a short amount of time. I spent around one year and three months working with Amnick and found the experience very worthwhile and feel that it has prepared me well for my professional career. Moreover, I improved my interpersonal and communication skills.
I enjoyed working with other team members, there was constant communication and support from everyone in the team. I liked the constructive feedback I had received from the team which I believed helped me gain more skills and understanding about graphic design which I did not previously possess. Our weekly skype meetings were also very beneficial and supportive. I gained more confidence in communicating with others as well as presenting my work.

Thanks to this work experience programme I have now built my graphic design portfolio and have reached my goal of working in this field. It has certainly helped me get many job opportunities in this field. I would definitely recommend this programme for anyone who wishes to explore possible career options and increase self-confidence and motivation.