This is our new start-up company where we use our International Collaborators, established quality resources from public, private sector, start-ups as well as universities and businesses to create customised solutions to your challenges and projects.

We make it happen!

About Us

We are a collection of City Leaders, 110 Tech Companies, Mayors, Universities and Businesses internationally all signing up to making bad things good and good things better.

Meet Our Team

John David

CEO and Founder
Amnick Social Enterprise

Sadaf Shaheen

Manager ICT and Learning/Innovation, Pakistan

Tracey Evers

Executive Moretenson Construction, USA

Brian Bishop

CEO Data Performance Consultancy Ltd, UK

Jose Antonio Ondiviela

Western Europe Director – Smart Cities Microsoft, Spain

Elizabeth Chien-Hale

Law partner – Intellectual Property, San Francisco, USA

Jennifer Terry

Associate Director Amnick

Zafer Sahinoglu

Vice President, Business Innovation - Mitsubishi Electric, USA

Our services

  • Consultancy ISO climate standards
  • Engaging with 100 Cities Challenge (£95 billion)
  • Integration of multilevel strategies (Tech, Environment, Economics, Transportation, Public Services)
  • Fast tracking / future proofing solutions
  • Education and Training
  • Operational / Financial Risks
  • Organisation Audits
  • Free assessment of your challenging/stalled projects

Our Unique Selling Point

We create value through holistic approach by using our diverse team to challenge, improve and deliver your projects, vision, goals and objectives.

We do this by taking a wider view looking at before, during and after process. To ensure you maximise all opportunities for:

  • Sustainability
  • Integration
  • Reducing costs
  • Future proofing


The benefits for you are:

  • Better fitness for purpose
  • Savings
  • Value add
  • End to end thinking

Our Events

Upcoming events will be advertised soon