Highways, Transportation, Parking, Street Lighting and Passenger Transport

Your one-stop shop

As ex-local authority Directors and senior managers we have huge experience of running and managing Transportation Departments.

These include projects, capital works, operations, service delivery, integrated transportation strategies, interim management, and business transformation in all of the above to the value of £300 m.

In addition to our expertise, we also have excellent relationships with private sector consultancy firms (Jacobs, Arup, Mouchel, Atkins etc) and local authorities who wish to share their resources with us.

By working with us we can bring a full range of solutions to you immediately.

World class Transportation and Highways operations

We can support your organisation in a variety of ways to get the best from your resources. This includes: strategically, operationally, by managing your business transformation, coordinating change, doing more with less, and providing interim management solutions.


We offer in-depth expertise in strategic highway network management and transportation consultancy services. This includes asset management and highways design and maintenance, including a local implementation plan to developing world class transportation systems and strategies.

Our multi-disciplinary capability, proven ability, expertise, and dedicated resources enable us to deliver high-quality, cost-effective, and sustainable highway management programmes to highway authorities in the UK.

How we can help

All services need help from time to time, and we have suitable local authority experienced staff available to help on a Consultancy or Interim basis.


We can support, design and run:

  • LIP Programmes
  • Capital Works
  • Special Projects
  • Funding – we get funding for your authority (commission based  – no win, no fee)
  • Strategy and Policy
  • Outsourcing
  • Shared Services
  • Operational support
  • Asset Management

One stop parking management shop

Parking services is one of the most important services a Council operates. The need to achieve corporate goals of public safety, keeping traffic moving, and reducing pollution is always top of the priority for all local authorities. As is the need to ensure compliance, enforcement and collection of income from PCN’s to make sure all revenue streams are managed robustly.

We can support with the management of Parking Services as we have experience of running them. This includes: Strategy, Operations, Interim Management and Commercialisation of services.

How we can help

We provide consultancy and interim management of parking departments covering:

  • Income Recovery Plans
  • Road Maps (optimising all service areas,e.g. PCN, On- and Off-Street Operations)
  • Parking Service Optimisation
  • Parking Projects
  • Moving Traffic Contraventions
  • Increasing Enforcement/PCN’s/Compliance
  • Shared Services
  • Creating Parking Strategies/Policies
Supporting all your street lighting needs

All services need help from time to time, and we have suitable local authority-experienced staff available to help on a consultancy or interim management basis.

Our Services

  • Asset Management (Confirm-Hermis-Symology)
  • Best Value
  • Capital Works
  • Contract Management
  • Independent Surveys (Electrical Testing, Structural Testing, Lighting Quality)
  • Lighting Design and Maintenance
  • Lighting Strategies
  • Management of Contractors (Term and Non-Term)
  • IT
  • Night Scouting
  • Performance Monitoring
  • Procedure Documentation
  • Service Development
  • Section 38 Agreement
  • Utility Management
Creating better Passenger Transport Services for all

Passenger Transport is a challenging service for local authorities to run. With continued cutbacks and reduction in budgets leading to less services being available.

Together we can do more

Passenger Transport is used by varying groups of people including those with special needs and older generation. They have their own unique requirements and as such need to be managed and transported in special ways.


With our experience and knowledge, we can create new ways of running these services (Route optimisation, improvement in systems and processes, better procurement of right types of vehicles, using charities and social enterprises to work together in partnership to support delivery etc, using volunteers, travel training, buddy schemes).

We can help you get much more than ever out of your services by doing more for less.

How we can help

All services need help from time to time, and we have suitable local authority experienced staff available to help on a Consultancy or Interim basis.


We can help with:

  • Service reviews
  • Transport entitlement policies
  • Route scheduling
  • Demand Management
  • Travel buddies
  • Travel training
  • Lean Management
  • Use of new technologies
  • Commissioning of service
  • Setting up of commissioning hubs
  • Vehicle procurement strategies
  • Special Projects
  • Funding
  • Strategy and Policy
  • Bench Marking
  • Outsourcing
  • Shared Services
  • Operational support
  • Asset Management